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Check the insulation for signs of nesting

Rodents love to nest in the attic material and often the first sign of an infection is damaged patches. Rats will tear and shred the soft material and either carry it to a different location or make their nest right inside the isulation. In either case, the destruction is harmful, and the pest population is sure to increase quickly. Once you notice any telltale signs, you should contact our team to have these nasty critters removed in a humane and nonlethal way.

At the first sign of mold, take action

Mold is a serious enemy to your health and your home, and the trouble often starts in the attic. You usually won't be aware you have a mold issue until it is quite a big problem. By then you may notice a musty smell in your home or see that family members are coughing and sneezing more frequently. It's only a matter of time before horrible blotches appear on ceilings and walls. Keep your attic as clean as possible and where possible, allow for adequate ventilation. If you do notice mold, call our experts to take care of it right away.

How to face batting insulation

FAcing is the thin layer of protection on batting that provides a layer of moisture protection between the living space below and the insulating material in the attic. The paper facing should always be placed so that it faces toward the inside of your home. The paper contains an asphalt adhesive which keeps any water vapor from passing through. Our specialists are trained experts in installing and removing insulation. Contact our team when you have any questions regarding your attic's insulation.

Types of attic insulation

There are three main types of attic insulation. Batts are large pieces of cotton or fiberglass insulation that contain either cotton or fiberglass, but they don't fill the empty attic spaces comletely. A better choice is fiberglass or cellulose insulation that is blown through a hose. The third type,spray foam, can fill the entire attic space completely: however it is usually much more expensive than blown insulation. Contact our team for advice on which type of insulation would be best for your home.


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