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About Us

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With Attic Cleaning Los Angeles, we value the trust you put in us as a customer to get the job done right. With years of experience working on attics in homes and businesses just like yours in the area, you can count on us! That’s how we became known as the best in California when it comes to clean attics! 

We do a lot more than cleaning, so scroll down to learn more about our insulation and rodent solutions, browse our website, or contact us anytime if you need any help!

Why Insulate At All?

Insulation in the attic of your home traps in the heat that you’re paying for, rather than letting it escape outside. With air conditioning, it also helps in stabilizing the temperature, so it won’t need to run as much. Even if your home already has some, if your energy bill seems to be getting worse it’s probably because it’s not the proper amount for your area. Don’t worry! We can assist you.

What We Can Do For You.

If you do already have insulation, but it’s aging or has gotten water damage among other things, Attic Cleaning Los Angeles can take it out for you. Then, our trained team will replace it with the perfect fit for your home. Whatever type would be best suited, from blown-in to varying kinds of fiberglass, they have the expertise to get it put in properly. You’ll be shocked at how much you start saving!

Rodents Or Others Causing Trouble?

We can clean and decontaminate attics as needed to get rid of any pest problems, and their droppings that can be a health hazard for your home. Then, we can proof for rodents to guarantee they won’t come back. For more savings when it comes to your energy bill, we also offer radiant barriers and attic air sealing. The former bounces the sun’s rays away to help keep your home cooler without needing the air conditioning as much, and the latter keeps the warm or cool air trapped inside more thoroughly.

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