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If you think it's time to get your attic cleaned or insulated and not sure where to start, you must have a ton of questions! Visit our FAQ page - the answers are ready and waiting.

What are the cleaning services you offer?

We always customize our service to best tend to your needs. We start by throwing out garbage and removing dirt and rodent droppings (if any). If your attic has been infested, we will remove the soiled insulation. We can also rodent-proof your home to make sure the critters stay out for good. Finally, we can decontaminate the space and replace the insulation, leaving you with a clean and healthy attic!

What's the difference between closed and open cell insulation?

Open cell foam insulation is made up of small cells of foam that aren't completely closed. Closed cell insulation is packed more tightly together and filled with a gas the helps the foam to expand. It is a better insulator because of its denser properties. Only trained technicians can apply spray foam insulation, so give our specialists a call when you are considering adding insulation to your attic.

What exactly is the R-value?

The R-value is a measurement of heat transfer or “thermal resistance” indicating the resistance to heat flow. The R-value takes into consideration both the insulation type as well as its thickness. The higher the R-value number, the better the insulation is at preventing the transfer of heat. When you are considering insulation installation or removal, contact our professionals for expert advice about any attic-related service.

How can I be sure mice won’t come back?

First, you have to be sure you removed all of them, along with their nests and droppings, so their smell won’t attract other mice. Then, seal up the smallest of holes in the exterior walls and the roofing, install weather stripping on all windows and doors and cover your vents and chimneys with a fine steel mesh.


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